Common Misconceptions About Dental Health

Many people consider their oral health as a separate matter from their overall health. However research continues to show there is a very specific correlation between overall health and what happens in the mouth. Seeing a holistic dentist will demonstrate how the entire body can impact dental health.
Traditional dentists separate the mouth from the body and treat only what is seen in that orifice. However, the holistic approach takes all aspects of mind, body and spirit into consideration when treating a patient.
The stresses of day to day life are a perfect example how the body and mouth interact. Stress can manifest itself with dental issues that include: [pullquote]Research continues to show there is a very specific correlation between overall health and what happens in the mouth.[/pullquote]
• Bruxism – During the night the stresses of the day may subconsciously result in the grinding and clenching of teeth. This can result in broken teeth, cracked dental fillings, and abnormal wear and tear on dental enamel.
• Gum disease – It is suspected that hormones released throughout a hectic day can impact the teeth. Bacteria multiply resulting in the build-up of plaque on teeth and gum tissue. Left untreated, periodontitis can lead to abscess and tooth loss. Plaque build-up also increases the incidence of dental decay.
• Sores – Why canker sores and cold sores occur in some patients and not others continues to be researched, but hormonal imbalances are thought to be one cause.
If the body is kept in a healthy state by proper nutrition, exercise, and sufficient sleep, these good habits will likely be evidenced in the mouth as well.
Simple things you can do include munching vegetables like carrots and celery to increase saliva flow, which is nature’s mouthwash. Drink water instead of cola to reduce sugar intake; water instead of coffee, tea or wine will help prevent staining of the enamel. And since the body is made up predominantly of water, replenishing the body with water will help flush harmful toxins from your system.
Keeping your body healthy supports good dental health, however, it is still advisable to see the dentist twice each year for cleaning and a thorough dental exam. Daily brushing and flossing are also essential. Even though you do all the things needed to maintain good health, it is still possible to run into a dental emergency. If this happens, following the advice of your dental provider will reduce the chance of a re-occurrence in the future.
To learn more about our holistic approach to dentistry, contact the office of Dr. Philip Kozlow for an informative consultation.

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