Most Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Spots on teeth and dental stain can make you embarrassed to open your mouth in public. The reasons are plentiful; but a visit with your cosmetic dentist will reveal solutions that will give you renewed self-confidence following your smile makeover.
Teeth can become discolored or stained from the foods and beverages we consume. The most common culprits involve dark colored sauces like tomato or soy based, many berries and foods that contain dark food dyes (think grape or cherry popsicles you enjoyed as a kid). Many foods contain artificial coloring, although the FDA is pushing manufacturers to remove many fake things from what we consume.
Beverages like coffee, tea, red wine, and cola can also stain teeth. Cold beverages can be consumed through a straw to help prevent tooth discoloration as much of the beverage will bypass the teeth.
Tobacco use in any form can stain or discolor teeth. Of course, smoking is a leading cause of gum disease which can advance to tooth loss for the tobacco user. You won’t have to worry about dental stain if you lose your dentition.
Illness and medications can stain your teeth. If this is happening, a change in your prescription may eliminate the problem.
Overuse of fluoride (usually from vitamin supplements fortified with fluoride) can result in discolored teeth.
Once the damage has been done, what can you do to restore your smile? A consultation with your cosmetic dentist will reveal your options. For many patients, Zoom! teeth whitening is the ideal solution.
In office Zoom treatment can be completed in one brief appointment; take-home applications are available for patients who wish to whiten at their own speed in the privacy of home.
If whitening does not bring adequate results, porcelain veneers are an option. Veneers are ultra thin, tooth colored shells that can be applied to one or multiple teeth. The dental lab will fabricate the veneers by using the pictures and impressions provided by your dentist.
Each veneer is tried in for fit, function, and aesthetics. Your dentist will permanently cement them to the front of each tooth to be treated. They will be a perfect match to untreated surrounding teeth so your smile makeover will blend beautifully.
Daily brushing and flossing coupled with your regular six month dental visit should help you to enjoy your new smile for a long time.
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