What’s involved in amalgam filling replacement?

Years ago, patients who needed to have cavities filled were fitted with amalgam fillings that contained mercury in addition to other metals.
As the years pass, these patients may become dissatisfied with the noticeable dark fillings in their mouth. Some may be concerned about potential adverse effects of the mercury contained in the amalgam, or they may notice that an amalgam filling is damaged. In such cases, patients may seek help from a holistic dentist. [pullquote]In addition to replacing amalgam fillings, a holistic dentist can provide you with comprehensive dental care.[/pullquote]
A holistic dentist can replace patients’ mercury-free fillings with a newer version made of composite materials that include glass and resin. In addition to eliminating the need for mercury in fillings, composites are tooth-colored, so they don’t detract from a patient’s smile.
Removing and replacing amalgam fillings is an effort that should be undertaken with great caution on the dentist’s part. It’s important to minimize the patient’s exposure to mercury vapors during the process of removing the fillings.
For that reason, it’s best to choose a dentist with experience in this procedure. You should also be sure that the dental office has the proper equipment in place to support the safe removal of amalgam fillings.
Specifically, the office’s treatment rooms should have an adequate ventilation system in combination with air purifiers to remove as much of the vaporized mercury as possible from the room’s atmosphere. This protects the safety of both the patient and the dental office staff.
Your dentist may also give you an alternate source of oxygen as a safeguard. A rubber dam can also be used as a barrier to keep fragments of the amalgam filling from entering the patient’s mouth.
After existing amalgam fillings have been removed, patients can chose composite materials to fill any future cavities. Not only does this limit the use of mercury in their mouths, it also helps to preserve more of the biological tooth material. Composite fillings require less drilling than their amalgam counterparts.
In addition to replacing amalgam fillings, a holistic dentist can provide you with comprehensive dental care. Contact the office of Dr. Philip R. Kozlow in Dallas and schedule an appointment to learn more about the specialty and what it offers to patients.

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