Why Early Detection of Tooth Decay is So Important

holistic dentist FriscoWhile tooth decay prevention is the best treatment you can give yourself, even the most vigilant person may be told they have a cavity. Our holistic dentist will review what this means to you and provide the treatment that offers the maximum protection against further decay.
This includes the use of composite resin to repair your tooth. Using this tooth colored material to treat dental decay offers a host of advantages over silver amalgam:
Aesthetics – Composite resin can be used to fill a cavity that matches your own dental enamel. This makes your new filling virtually invisible.
Early detection – A small repair is always going to be much easier than a big filling. Early detection occurs most often during regular dental exams conducted at your twice yearly hygiene appointment. Very often decay can be spotted on x-rays or by the trained eye of our holistic dentist and treated before it can become a much larger repair.
Without early detection, bacteria may penetrate through the protective coatings to the interior of the tooth. When the dental nerve is traumatized or becomes infected, further treatment such as root canal therapy may be needed to save the tooth. While endodontic treatment is not as bad as it is often portrayed, the time and financial commitment might have been prevented if the cavity was caught earlier.
With the use of mercury free dentistry, much less of the natural tooth needs to be removed when repairing dental decay. That is because the treatment uses a plastic that is applied in stages curing each application before going on to the next step. Silver fillings required more of the undamaged part of the tooth to be removed and then the cavity was filled. Large fillings were the best way to make sure the filling material stayed in place.
Our holistic dentist employs mercury free dentistry to provide the safest and least toxic means to treat dental decay. And the protection is intended for his patients, as well as his dental staff. With holistic dentistry patients are treated as a whole, not just their oral health. While the primary concern for your dental care is important, any dental treatment rendered must also be deemed as having a positive effect on your overall health.
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