Enhance Your Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

The predominant feature that catches everyone’s immediate attention is the appearance of your teeth. Smiling, speaking, eating … all of these actions put your teeth on display. So if you’re not pleased with what your teeth say about you, a visit with our cosmetic dentist will demonstrate the numerous ways you can achieve improvement.
There are many procedures available depending on your budgetary and timeline needs. A more economical approach that can be completed in one visit is in-office teeth whitening. Usually following a hygiene visit, Zoom! teeth whitening can remove extrinsic stains with the capability of lightening teeth up to eight shades.
For intrinsic stains due to medication or fluorosis (over-fluoridation), dental bonding is also an option that can be completed in one treatment. Bonding is completed with composite resin, which is placed over stains a little at a time and hardened with a laser or curing light between applications. The cosmetic dentist will carefully match the material to tooth color to make bonding blend with the natural tooth. [pullquote]If you’re not pleased with what your teeth say about you, a visit with our cosmetic dentist will demonstrate the numerous ways you can achieve improvement. [/pullquote]
For patients looking for more permanent results, veneers are wafer thin, tooth colored shells that are fabricated to cover teeth that are chipped, worn, or uneven. Also ideal for covering up gaps between teeth or covering teeth that are severely stained, veneers can be made from either composite resin or porcelain.
If teeth have been repaired throughout the years with the old stand-by, silver amalgam, there may be other factors to consider. Dental amalgam contains mercury making replacement with the safe filling material, composite resin, an ideal solution. This not only removes this toxic substance, but it is replaced by an aesthetically pleasing, tooth colored repair.
For teeth previously treated for dental decay, an additional repair may break the tooth. In an effort to salvage a tooth (which is always the most desirable option) a dental crown may be a better solution than another filling. There are different materials that can be used for a crown, but for any tooth in the smile line, the likely material of choice will be porcelain.
Porcelain veneers or crowns are stain resistant, and treated teeth will benefit from added strength along with a lifelike appearance because they match the contour and color of surrounding biological teeth.
Your cosmetic dentist employs talent and imagination to create multiple options to enhance your smile and improve your oral health.  If you want to improve your smile, contact the office of Dr. Philip Kozlow today to schedule an appointment.

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