Enjoy Dental Work That Is Mercury-Free

happy woman's smile mercury-free dentistry conceptThere are times when a person’s oral health requires restorative work. If you had this work done in the past, it may be difficult for others to overlook the evidence, as you may have a conspicuous filling made with a metal substance. In addition to looking out of place, these restorations can make patients uneasy for health reasons, as they can contain mercury! Our Dallas, TX dentist’s office provides mercury-free dentistry. If you require our services to address a cavity or injury, we can place a restoration that is made from a more appealing substance. For example, we can place a dental filling made with a ceramic substance that goes unnoticed and lacks a potentially harmful material like mercury.

Concerns About Mercury In Dental Restorations Can Make Patients Uneasy About Care

Whether you have undergone restorative dental work in the past or are familiar with metal fillings and crowns, you can feel uneasy about needing treatment today. Will you be able to avoid the kinds of treatments that depend on metal restorations? We are happy to meet with you in order to discuss mercury-free treatment. We are also here to review your care options if you have any older restorations you wish to have removed.

We Provide Dental Fillings Made From Safe, Discreet Ceramic Materials

Ceramic dental fillings can replace amalgam metal ones in treatment. Because of this, we can provide care when you have a cavity that does not contain mercury. Ceramic is more than just a material without potentially harmful metals—this substance can closely imitate your healthy enamel! The result is a restoration that is durable, safe, and hard for others to notice!

We Can Replace Older Restorations Made With Metals That Contain Mercury

Past dental work may make you embarrassed for your smile and concerned for your health. Fortunately, you do not have to leave this kind of restoration in place, as we do offer services to remove and replace metal restorations. By making the transition from a substance that makes you uneasy to one that is more beneficial to your smile and well-being, you can feel better about your smile. We are happy to discuss this and other forms of care as part of our larger commitment to holistic smile services.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Enjoying Mercury-Free Treatment!

Our practice provides care without putting restorations that contain mercury and other metals in place. What this means for you is that your smile can be effectively cared for without it being conspicuously changed or jeopardized. We are happy to plan the placement of a ceramic filling for an active problem. We can also talk with you about undergoing a procedure to remove any metal restorations you wish to have removed! For more information, please call our Dallas, TX dental office at (972) 458-2464.

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