Harmful Effects of Soda on Teeth

North Dallas family dentist“Soda”, “pop”, “soft drink” … whatever term you use to refer to that cold, thirst-quenching drink you enjoy, you might begin to find that too much of this “good thing” can be doing considerable damage to your teeth. Your family dentist can address the harmful effects of soda on your teeth.
While traditional soda is full of sugar, diet soda has eliminated the sugar. However, neither type of this beverage has any healthy attributes that make its consumption beneficial. But considering the potential damage avid soda drinkers may be doing to their teeth, there are more detrimental issues to be considered.
Soda contains phosphoric acid, which gives soda its carbonation and can have a corrosive effect on dental enamel. When drinking these cold beverages, using a straw helps most of the soda to bypass teeth, hopefully reducing potential damage.
If you wish to keep your teeth looking their best, eliminating or reducing soda is a great start. Soda stains your teeth. If you must drink it, rinse your mouth as soon as possible to help wash away the stain creators.
Soda contributes to plaque build-up. We all have some bacteria on our teeth because certain sugars cling to the bacteria already present on teeth. Over time, plaque builds up on teeth, often starting around the gum line. If plaque is allowed to remain, you increase the likelihood of developing dental decay or gum disease.
There is one easy solution to eliminate the harmful effects of soda and that is to discontinue drinking it. However, most people have developed the habit or need for the caffeine contained in many soft drinks, so while your family dentist may make the recommendation to replace soft drinks with water, many will continue to drink soda.
So if you want to maintain healthy teeth and gums, consider:

  • reducing the amount of soda you drink
  • using a straw
  • rinsing your mouth following consumption
  • brushing your teeth at least twice each day with a fluoridated tooth paste or gel
  • flossing your teeth daily to remove what your tooth brush has failed to reach
  • seeing your family dentist every six months.

Those twice yearly dental appointments will remove harmful plaque build-up, eliminate unsightly stain, and the dentist will examine your teeth to treat problems before they can escalate into a much larger problem.
If you’re behind on your biannual check-up, contact our friendly team at the office of Dr. Philip Kozlow. Call 972-458-2464 to schedule an appointment today.

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