Healthy Teeth are Always in Style

north Dallas family dentistFashion trends might come and go but a healthy smile will withstand the fads of the time. Besides, your smile is an important component of non-verbal communication. If you’re looking to establish good oral health, we recommend making an appointment with our family dentist. Keeping regular appointments for checkups and cleanings can help you maintain a healthy smile for decades to come.

Dental Checkups

Some people mistakenly believe that routine dental checkups aren’t necessary unless one has a toothache or other noticeable problem. Even if you think nothing is amiss with your oral health, having checkups is still very important.

A checkup can reveal issues that you can’t feel or see. It can also detect potential concerns in their earliest stages. When oral health conditions are detected early, it can save patients money and time.

Professional Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are one of the best investments you make into your oral health. Even if you’re brushing and flossing meticulously at home, you still need professional cleanings every six months.

A dental cleaning will remove debris and tartar accumulation from your teeth and the gum line. It will also help keep your gums stimulated and healthy. Dental hygienists look for signs of gum disease during cleanings, which can help your dentist keep a watchful eye on your oral health.


At some point in most people’s lifetimes, a dental restoration will be needed. Restorations help protect damaged and diseased teeth from harmful bacteria, acid, and wear and tear. When it comes to restorations, our practice places them conservatively to help preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. We also offer white restorations that produce undetectable, natural-looking dental work.

Oral Health Education

Beyond providing dental care, our team can help our patients stay informed and empowered with oral health education. Our team is happy to answer your questions regarding symptoms, treatment options, and oral hygiene techniques.

If you need a product recommendation or to schedule an appointment with our family dentist, don’t hesitate to call our friendly staff at Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry today.

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