Mercury Free Dentistry: What are my options?

mercury free dentistry PlanoWith the creation of composite resin, dental decay repaired with silver amalgam has been greatly minimized. However, mercury free dentistry has not been without controversy. Many state health organizations advocate the safety of dental amalgam; however, patients that wish to restore their teeth through the use of dental amalgam are finding it harder to locate a dental provider that will comply with their wishes.
There are many reasons why. Dental amalgam (silver fillings) contain the toxic mercury. From an aesthetic perspective, amalgam is unattractive. Also, using amalgam to repair a cavity requires the removal of more of the natural tooth than repairs completed with composite resin.
As individuals begin to participate more in their health decisions, many are seeking the treatment of a holistic dentist. A holistic dentist focuses on the overall health of their patient, not just what is going on inside of their mouth.
Concerns have been brought to the forefront regarding the use of dental amalgam to treat dental decay. Tooth colored materials such as composite resin are made from a plastic that has been proven safe. And since it can be matched to the shape, size, and shade of the biological tooth, repairs can be virtually undetectable.
Patients that already have had fillings with dental amalgam have a couple of choices. They can leave them as is, or they can have them replaced. It is important to note that the replacement process is not without concerns. The dentist removing and replacing amalgam fillings must be armed with the knowledge, skills, and supplies to complete this treatment safely. Mercury vapors must be contained to protect the patient and staff.
While many traditional dentists may discuss the various oral treatments available, our holistic dentist may very well bring the topic of prevention to the table. Decay prevention would be advantageous for your teeth, but the things we can do for teeth would likely benefit overall health as well.
These include limiting the foods and beverages known to promote decay, getting adequate fluids to keep hydrated, finding sufficient rest, frequently exercising and following a lifestyle that does not include tobacco, illicit drugs, and excesses of anything unhealthy.
The internet is a wonderful source for information; however, our holistic dentist will provide specific guidelines to complement your individual needs. Call our office today to schedule a consultation with our holistic dentist, Dr. Kozlow, to see how we can help you!

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