How Regular Dental Appointments Can Save You Money

Many of us tend to view visiting the dentist as a twice-a-year obligation but in reality, visiting a dental professional can save you time and money. Just like any other clinical practice, early detection of potential oral health problems tends to yield less invasive treatments and therefore is wallet-friendly. Following are some ways that a regular dental checkup can save you some significant money.
Preventive Treatments are Budget-Friendly
Receiving routine dental care is more than just checking for signs of disease or damage. There are non-invasive preventive treatments available that can stop cavities from forming. Fluoride treatments, which are applied to the teeth in a varnish, strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent tooth decay. Dental sealants are another option for warding off cavity-causing bacteria. Sealants are applied over the molars to fill in deep fissures that can harbor debris and harmful bacteria. Both of these treatments are affordable, even for those who pay out-of-pocket for oral healthcare.
Smaller Restorations Cost Less
In most instances, the smaller the area of decay, the smaller the restoration. Cavities detected early on can be addressed with small restorations called fillings. Neglecting routine visits to the dentist, however, give cavities a chance to deepen and ultimately damage more tooth structure. Deep, untreated cavities require restorations that are more extensive. Since extensive restorations such as onlays and crowns are custom made, their costs are significantly higher than the cost of a small filling.
Tooth Loss and Advanced Gum Disease Are Expensive to Treat
When patients forego routine dental treatment for long periods, they have an increased risk for developing advance gum (periodontal) disease and tooth loss. Both of these conditions can be very expensive to treat. Advanced gum disease requires incremental treatments like deep prophylaxis and in some cases, surgery. Tooth loss is addressed with custom prosthetics such as bridges, dentures, or dental implants, all of which are more costly than restorations like fillings and crowns. Periodontal disease and tooth loss are also very preventable when people receive checkups, cleanings, and preventive care on a routine basis.
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