Removal And Replacement For Amalgam Fillings

woman happy with dental careDoes a metal filling remain in your smile to inform the world you had to undergo dental work? If so, you can feel frustrated by its prominence, and by how much it stands out next to your natural enamel. What you can also worry about is the potential health effect of a restoration made with amalgam or mercury remaining in your mouth. What you should know is that you do not have to feel stuck with this kind of restoration. Our Dallas, TX dental practice is prepared to safely remove and replace these fillings with healthier and more discreet composite alternatives! Our office also provides restorative services with ceramic restorations, including convenient same-day crowns!

Do You Have Older Amalgam Fillings That Worry Or Embarrass You?

It can be difficult to keep people from noticing the fillings you have received that are made with metal materials. Because they stand out whenever you smile and speak, you can feel as though they overwhelm your smile. As you learn more about the health effects of metal amalgam and mercury materials, you can grow concerned about what they are doing to your health as well. Rather than feel stuck with these conspicuous fillings, you can talk to your dentist about replacing them!

We Can Safely Replace Amalgam Fillings With Lifelike Restorations

When we treat patients who need fillings, our holistic dental office uses lifelike and healthy composite restorations. In addition to providing these when addressing new cavities, we can actually provide them as replacements for older metal fillings! In doing so, we can help you feel better about your smile and remove any long-term worries that you have about what amalgam and mercury are doing to your health.

The Advantages Of Holistic Dentistry

By offering metal-free and mercury-free dental services, we help patients enjoy a more attractive and healthy type of oral health care. We believe that a holistic approach to care can have fantastic benefits in the long run. This is why we provide a space where patients will not be exposed to these agents or fluoride. Our larger concern is about more than just the avoidance of certain materials, as we also focus on making our care beneficial to those who want to make sure their oral health needs are serving their overall well-being.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Holistic Dental Office About Having Your Amalgam Fillings Replaced!

The amalgam fillings you received in the past can make you uneasy because of how they look and because of the substances they contain. Fortunately, you do not have to depend on them forever—our practice is ready to help you by offering discreet and safe replacements! If you would like to find out more about having your amalgam fillings replaced with composite alternatives, call our Dallas, TX dental office at 972-458-2464!

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