Is it Safe to Replace Existing Fillings with Mercury Free Alternatives?

mercury free dentistry PlanoToday, patients can choose from a range of materials when it comes to restoring teeth. In recent years, mercury free dentistry has become increasingly popular among patients who prefer biocompatible and natural looking dental restorations. In addition to placing new restorations, our holistic dentist has experience safely removing old, amalgam fillings so that patients are not exposed to mercury vapors.
Why do patients have amalgam fillings removed?
Patients may choose to have amalgam fillings removed for a number of reasons. A common reason for amalgam removal is the fact that restorations do not last forever. Old metal dental work can become worn down and damaged with time. In other cases, patients may prefer to replace dark dental work with tooth-colored fillings to achieve a more natural-looking appearance. On top of these reasons, some patients worry about mercury exposure found in amalgam and prefer composite resin materials because they are mercury free.
What is composite resin?
Composite resin is a tooth-colored compound made from a combination of plastic and glass. These types of restorations are very subtle and blend in with the natural color of teeth. The compound that makes up composite resin does not contain any harmful chemicals and its structure bonds to teeth more easily than amalgam, therefore requiring less tooth removal to place the restoration.
What safety precautions are taken to remove old fillings?
When removing old amalgam fillings, our holistic dentist, Dr. Kozlow, will take steps to minimize any exposure to mercury vapors. Some precautions taken by our team include the use of an oral aerosol evacuation system, which can reduce mercury vapors in the examination room as well as minimizing heat by keeping amalgam cool. This is because high temperatures can cause the release of potentially harmful vapors.
Offering a number of conservative and natural dental treatments, our practice is dedicated to helping patients achieve total wellness through holistic and mercury free dentistry. To schedule an appointment for cleanings, checkups, or restorations, call the office of Dr. Philip Kozlow today.

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