Will Teeth Whitening Make My Veneers Brighter?

Zoom teeth whitening DallasFor thousands of people throughout the United States, receiving porcelain veneers is a life-changing experience. These cosmetic enhancements can turn any flawed smile into a visually attractive work of art. Veneers are incredibly resistant to staining because porcelain, unlike the mineralized structure of teeth, does not absorb dark staining compounds.
If your veneers have lost their luster or appear darker, you might be wondering if a service like Zoom teeth whitening will brighten your veneers back to their original appearance. Since veneers are made of porcelain, they cannot be whitened with teeth whitening treatments. If your veneers have changed in color, however, our cosmetic dentist can help.
If your veneers appear slightly darker and you would like to improve their appearance, our team will likely recommend that you come in for a professional polishing treatment. When you receive your veneers, they are polished with a porcelain glaze. Over time, this glaze can wear down a bit. To remedy this situation, we will simply apply a new glaze and polish veneers to their former shade of white.
Another reason veneers can look darker may actually have nothing to do with the veneers themselves. The biological structure of teeth beneath veneers may have darkened due to staining or decay. If the change in color is due to biological tooth staining, our cosmetic dentist may whiten the back of teeth with a professional teeth whitening treatment or apply white restorations, such as composite resin, to the areas of damaged teeth.
In most cases of slight darkening, whitening the backs of teeth and re-glazing veneers quickly solves this issue. If veneers are noticeably flawed, it could also mean that it is time for a new set. If that is the case, our team will consult with you and develop a treatment plan that suits your needs.
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