Tooth Pain Can Lead to Poor School Performance

holistic dentist FriscoWhether it is a nagging ache or a sharp pain, a toothache is a distraction for people of all ages. School age children are no exception … if tooth pain is present it is difficult to focus. Your holistic dentist will direct attention to overall health care to help to eliminate the things that contribute to tooth pain.
There are steps parents can take to aid in the prevention of the things that cause a toothache … for children, this is generally tooth decay. Studies show that children are more prone to dental decay likely due to poor daily oral hygiene, too much sugar from snacks and beverages, and lack of consistent visits to the dentist for teeth cleaning and exams. When needed, mercury free dentistry provides the safest repair for multiple dental problems.
A holistic dentist cares for their patients’ teeth in addition to providing the education needed for the utmost in oral health. The things patients can do to protect their teeth include:
Dental visits – The child should begin their dental visits around the age of twelve months. These early dental visits serve a couple of purposes. The child will feel comfortable in the dental atmosphere as they grow; any abnormalities or problems can be spotted early; and the parents can be educated about the things they should do for their child’s dental well-being.
Daily oral hygiene – Brushing and flossing are critical steps to maintain good dental health. Until the child is old enough to handle this task proficiently each day, parents can assist. But responsibility does not end there; parents need to supervise to make sure children are performing this job correctly and twice daily.
Prevention – In addition to brushing, flossing, and dental visits, the child will benefit from dental sealants. Teeth that have not been affected by decay can be treated … dental sealants are “painted” on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. The sealants seep into the pits and crevices on the tooth to seal out the bacteria that leads to dental decay.
If a cavity does occur, your dentist will fill the tooth using mercury free dentistry. It is believed that the tooth colored material, composite resin, is safer and more aesthetically pleasing for treating dental decay.
Dental decay is preventable, but it requires a dedication to oral health from infancy throughout your lifetime. To learn more, contact the office of Dr. Philip Kozlow at 972-458-2464 today.

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