We Provide Straighter Smiles With Orthodontic Services

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Orthodontics offer a solution to dental misalignment, so you can show off an even smile and also enjoy better oral health as a result. Which is why we can offer treatment options like braces or even Invisalign® clear aligners. Our Dallas, TX holistic dental office talks about what to expect from our orthodontic services.

Your Initial Visit

To get started, simply schedule an appointment so that we can take a close look at your smile. With detailed digital imagery, we can assess the cause and severity of your misalignment, so we can choose the best solution. By correcting your uneven smile, you can enjoy a reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease, and avoid complications like TMJ disorder and bruxism. You can also feel more confident in your smile, and won’t worry about food being caught in your smile. Every smile is unique, which is why your orthodontics will be customized for your smile.

Braces vs. Aligners

Metal braces are a common solution to misalignment, and one we reserve for more advanced stages. If you have a severe case, then we can connect brackets to the front facing sides of your teeth and then connect a portion of a thin arch wire to them with a band. We adjust tension in the wire to shift the teeth into proper position, which usually takes about two years on average.

Invisalign® helps teens and adults alike, and can take on less severe cases with a more cosmetic approach. No wires or brackets at all, instead we use a series of custom aligners created specifically for your smile. Each set is worn for two weeks, approximately 20 to 22 hours a day. The aligners can be removed before meals or brushing and flossing, which makes eating and caring for your smile much simpler. They also offer optimal results in as little as a year to 18 months on average.

The Long-Term Benefits

Regardless of the option you choose, correcting your uneven smile can help make thorough brushing and flossing much simpler, so you can maintain better care for your smile on a daily basis, and limit your risk of bad breath, stained teeth, cavities, and even gum disease. Your properly balanced bite prevents jaw joint strain and painful disorders like TMD and bruxism from developing. You can smile with confidence! If you have any questions about our orthodontic services, then please reach out to our team today to learn more.

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Holistic Dentist About Orthodontic Services

We can correct your dental misalignment with custom orthodontics, so an even smile could be just one to two years away. If you would like to learn more about our custom solutions, call our Dallas, TX dental practice at (972) 458-2464.


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