What is sedation dentistry?

Fear of the dentist is no longer an excuse to avoid dental treatment. Today’s dental professionals realize that dental phobia is a very real condition, creating a very real barrier between patients and the dental care that they need. For many patients, this fear stems from a heightened expectation of pain, an unpleasant previous dental experience, or an aversion to the sounds and smells of the dental office.
With so many advances in dental technology, many of the more unpleasant aspects of dentistry have been eliminated. Most dental procedures are virtually painless, handpieces and drills are whisper quiet, and offices are designed to promote relaxation and tranquility.
Unfortunately, patients who suffer any degree of dental phobia are often unable to enjoy these amenities. Sedation dentistry for Dallas patients can be a welcome addition to any dental procedure. By combining commonly prescribed medications, dental anesthetic, and cutting edge dental technology, your dentist can create an experience soothing enough to relieve your worries.
Your dentist will perform a thorough review of your dental and medical histories prior to administering any form of medication. According to your level of anxiety, an appropriate selection and dosage will be recommended.
Sedation dentistry can consist of mild sedatives used to relax patients before a dental appointment. Sedatives can also be used during the visit to sooth and calm nervous patients. Although some levels of sedation can lull patients to sleep, most are simply meant to enable patients to feel more at ease.
For more complex procedures, or extremely apprehensive patients, a deeper level of sedation can be achieved. Your dentist will want to thoroughly review the scheduled treatment and answer any questions prior to the appointment. You may also be advised to enlist a trusted friend or family member to provide transportation for you, both before and after treatment.
Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective solution for most patients suffering from dental phobias. With sedation, large numbers of patients have been able to seek necessary dental care in order to protect their overall health.
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