Is a dental crown necessary after root canal treatment?

Inside a tooth lies an interior chamber that houses the tooth’s root, nerve endings, and important cellular material. This chamber, called the root canal, is protected from exposure to irritants such as bacteria and debris when a tooth is healthy. However, a tooth damaged by injury, decay, and enamel erosion leaves the interior region at risk for infection, which can lead to nerve damage and the death of a tooth. When the root canal becomes infected, root canal treatment performed by your dentist is often necessary to save the tooth from extraction, death, and further damage. [pullquote]In many cases, patients require the placement of a dental crown after root canal therapy.[/pullquote]
In many cases, patients require the placement of a dental crown after root canal therapy. Because teeth with an infected root canal also possess extensive internal and external damage, a dental crown can help restore the size and shape of the tooth and prevent further damage. In addition to restoring a tooth to its proper size, crowns are used to hold a damaged or broken tooth together.
A dental crown is a custom crafted restoration made in a dental laboratory. Made to suit each patient’s needs, crowns are manufactured to fit over the entire portion of a tooth above the gum line. This allows the affected area to possess the size and shape necessary to support surrounding teeth and chew food.
Dental crowns come in a variety of materials including metal alloys, gold, porcelain fused to metal, high-quality ceramics, and cubic zirconia. Ceramic and porcelain fused to metal are normally chosen for their natural looking appearance while metals are used on the molars for their durability.
For most patients, placing a crown takes a minimum of two office visits. Fortunately, our dentist offers CEREC crowns, which are milled on-site and only require one office visit. CEREC crowns are cut and sized by a special machine from blocks of high-quality ceramics.
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