Is Sedation Dentistry Safe?

Many patients have turned to sedation dentistry to complete needed dental care that was previously impossible due to either severe anxiety, the inability to sit for extended periods or a myriad of other reasons.
Dentists that wish to offer sedation dentistry to their patients must undergo extensive training, equip their office with the monitoring equipment needed, and prepare their staff to care for their patients who select this option as a means to complete needed dental care.
Sedation dentistry is available is a couple of ways … patients preparing to undergo oral surgery will likely undergo sleep sedation. Oral sedation dentistry is available for patients that experience true fear at the mere thought of even having their teeth cleaned, let alone undergoing treatment for a cavity or a dental crown.
Oral sedation is very safe and simple. The patient will take a sedative at home about one hour prior to their dental appointment. Upon arrival, the dentist will administer additional medication to place the already relaxed patient into a conscious state of sedation where they will be awake to cooperate as needed with the dentist, but most patients report they feel as they slept throughout their procedure.
The patient is continually monitored from start to finish for their total comfort and safety. At the conclusion of treatment, the patient will be released but only after they have been determined to be sufficiently able to return home. The patient must have reliable transportation as they will be unable to drive, and will be advised not to return to work or school following treatment. Spending the remainder of the day at rest is advised especially is there was any surgery involved to keep bleeding to a minimum.
The patient should have someone to stay with them for a few hours upon their return home to make sure there are no negative reactions to the sedatives administered.
The anxious patient has received needed treatment without the usual fear of noisy drills, needles, or the imposing sights and sounds normally experienced in the dental office.
For physically or mentally impaired patients, they have the option to undergo their procedures in a manner that is relaxing for not just the patient. The dental provider is able to render excellent dental care knowing their patient is totally relaxed and comfortable.
Safe and comfortable is the right choice for many patients. Contact our skilled and caring dental team for more information about your sedation dentistry options today.

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