I’m Postponing Dental Treatment Because It’s Not Bothering Me

You have a throbbing toothache, make an appointment with the dentist, and he works his magic making you comfortable once again. So if it’s not bothering me any longer, why do I need to get the work recommended done at this point?
This scenario is played out in countless dental offices each and every day. The discomfort has dissipated, so everything is OK now. But the treatment that was rendered was a stopgap measure, and if left untreated you will be right back where you started, only this time the circumstances might be more severe.
This is just one of several situations patients face when presented with treatment plans for root canal therapy, crowns, tooth extractions, etc. Quite often after the initial appointment with the dentist, if the patient is no longer feeling discomfort, good intentions give way to the feelings of apathy about their dental condition[pullquote]Some concerns may be cosmetic, but many issues are essential to maintain dental health.[/pullquote]
Unfortunately, the decision to forego treatment can result in very serious consequences:
• Gingivitis – Bleeding, swollen gum tissue may seem minor, but if left untreated can escalate to periodontitis, a much more serious gum disease. An abscess can occur, along with tooth loss.
• Toothache – There are a multitude of reasons you can suffer from a toothache – among them: dental decay; grinding and clenching; broken/cracked tooth; infection.
• Root Canal Therapy – Opening up the tooth or prescribing antibiotics may relieve the pressure and discomfort, but if the actual root canal is not completed, the infection is likely to re-occur.
• Lost teeth – Replacing lost teeth is very important to day to day functions like smiling, eating and speaking. Many patients accept tooth loss as natural, but there are many options available to supplant tooth loss.
• Stained, chipped or misshapen teeth – You tell yourself that these issues aren’t important. But deep down, you wish you could change these physical things that aren’t causing discomfort, but do bother you.
Some concerns may be cosmetic, but many issues are essential to maintain dental health. Antibiotics and temporary measures can only carry you so far. The care you receive from your dental provider today will relieve your current symptoms. Following through with recommended treatment will likely save you from much more extensive, costly and time consuming treatment than if the decision to treat is delayed or abandoned.
If you have a dental procedure that you’ve been putting off, contact the office of Dr. Philip Kozlow and schedule a consultation.

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