Understanding Dental Anxiety

Fear of going to the dentist for something as simple as a clinical cleaning can bring the most courageous person to their knees. Through the use of sedation dentistry, being able to relax while treatment is delivered allows anxious patients to get the help they need to have healthy teeth and gums.
Most people would say they do not look forward to going to the dentist. Fear of needles or fear of the unknown, but always anticipating the worst, will make most people apprehensive of this appointment. However, patients that deal with severe dental anxiety can’t even make themselves enter the dental office.
These are the patients that can derive the most benefit from sedation dentistry. This has been very successful in allowing patients to receive needed treatment. But your dentist will not know the reason you are putting off treatment unless you mention it.
With oral sedation, patients are provided medication they can take at home usually about one hour before their scheduled appointment. Of course, this means reliable transportation must be available as the patient will not be able to drive before or after their appointment. Upon arriving home after treatment, the patient should have someone able to stay with them for several hours.
With the edge off their anxiety, the nervous patient will arrive for their appointment and be placed in the treatment room where additional medication will be administered. Patients that undergo conscious sedation dentistry are continuously monitored from the time they enter the treatment room until they leave the office.
Oral sedation makes the patient feel like they have slept through their procedure although they have remained conscious throughout treatment. Many can’t recall their appointment at all.
Being totally relaxed will allow the dentist to perform needed treatment without stress for the patient or dentist. Longer procedures can be completed in less time.
Although anxiety is usually the primary reason to administer oral sedation, many patients benefit that are unable to sit quietly for extended periods of time or patients suffering from physical ailments that prevent sitting comfortably for treatment.
The dentist is trained and the office and staff are equipped with everything necessary to make this dental appointment as pleasant as possible.
Understanding the anxiety level of the patient is critical to the success of the healthiest teeth and gums possible and being able to offer options for reduced anxiety is optimum.
If dental anxiety is keeping you from treatment, call Dr. Philip Kozlow at 972-458-2464 to schedule a private consultation.

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