Halitosis: Prevention and Treatment

A very unpleasant topic of conversation is halitosis, or bad breath. Whether you fear the embarrassment of this condition or have come face to face with a bad breath victim, there are many solutions to resolve the problems associated with halitosis, with the most important first step being to schedule an appointment with your dentist.
Bad breath due to eating or drinking strong foods and beverages like onions, garlic, or coffee is an occasional disturbance that can be diminished by brushing your teeth, chewing gum or sucking on a breath mint.
But chronic bad breath can signal a more serious problem. Quite often people that have numerous sinus infections or infected tonsils can produce a rancid smell. These may be treated with antibiotics, and once the infection is gone, so is the odor.
When halitosis is not due to diet or allergy, the problem is usually due to the condition of the teeth and gum tissue. Failure to maintain excellent dental hygiene can result in a condition referred to as gingivitis, or the more serious condition, periodontitis.
Gum disease generally starts out with one or more symptoms. Gums bleed or they are red and swollen; discomfort or toothache; one or more teeth feel loose …. If symptoms have graduated to this point, bad breath will likely be very prominent.
Preventing bad breath requires vigilant dental hygiene, but the rewards are much greater than stopping halitosis. Daily flossing and brushing at least twice per day will help to prevent plaque build-up. Everyone has bacteria in the mouth; flossing and brushing deter the plaque that grows on teeth and below the gum line.
This plaque may not be apparent to you, but once it gets a foothold the only way to remove it is with a professional cleaning. Seeing your dentist twice per year will help keep plaque build-up to a minimum, but you should not rely on these semi-annual cleanings only. Developing excellent daily hygiene habits will promote healthy teeth and gums.
The ultimate reward is not just sweet breath. Healthy teeth and gums will enhance overall good body health. Other things you can do to maintain good dental health include getting sufficient sleep, drink plenty of water, eat a diet with ample fruits and vegetables, exercise daily and put an end to tobacco use.
If halitosis is a concern for you and your dental health, contact the office of Dr. Philip Kozlow at 972-458-2464 to schedule a private consultation.

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