How Do You Safely Remove A Mercury Filling?

How Do You Safely Remove A Mercury Filling? by Dallas, TX dentists Dr. Kozlow and Dr. Rowell

Video Transcript

How Do You Safely Remove A Mercury Filling?

Let’s talk about SAR– safe amalgam removal. Now sometimes you’ll see where somebody will say they are mercury free. That doesn’t mean necessarily that it’s safe amalgam removal. Safe amalgam removal is a hazmat procedure.

One of the most dangerous things we can do with amalgam fillings is to drill the filling out all at one time. So we focus on taking it out and reducing the exposure you have to any type of mercury vapors.

Keep in mind that 60% of that filling material– that dark black filling in the mouth, 60% of that is mercury. Mercury is the second most toxic element on earth. We have the patient breathe oxygen. We’re breathing oxygen. My team is going to be capped and gowned just like the patient is. We want to be protected as well as you do.

Mercury is a neurotoxin. That’s why we’re so concerned about it, because it can affect and oftentimes does, enzymes which cause reactions in the body– make things work, makes my finger do this. That’s all neurological type of reaction. So we want to be very cautious about that. And when we remove it, it has to be done in a safe manner. The most important time for that silver filling, that mercury filling for you is when it’s removed, not when it’s placed, not when it’s in your mouth, but when it’s removed.