What Sets Us Apart?

Welcome! You have chosen to visit a non-traditional dental practice and we are delighted you are here! We are proud to offer the safest dental treatments known to us at this time and are continuously seeking ways to better provide non-toxic, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing dental care.

How We Are Different From a Traditional Dental Office

  • We promote the use of healthy dental products. Our composite resin filling materials are BPA and bis- GMA free. We offer fluoride free dental cleanings and metal free ceramic crowns.
  • We work closely with your wellness providers and through the years have been able to narrow down the dental products most environmentally compromised patients can tolerate. These valuable relationships help ensure the best outcome for your particular circumstance. If you are in need of a wellness provider, we are happy to provide a referral for you.
  • Both Dr. Kozlow & Dr. Rowell have had extensive training in the safe removal of mercury fillings and in the use of ozone in dentistry, providing alternative treatments that have proven to be less obtrusive/invasive in the actual application, with astonishing results. Both are accredited by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. Both doctors are SMART certified through the lAOMT.
  • We promote healthy home care products such as alcohol and chemical free mouth rinse, toothpaste, coconut oil and ozonated olive oil.

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  • It is our policy to only take x-rays that are necessary. Please note we employ technology enabling us to provide a lower dosage of radiation than traditional x-rays. As an added precaution, we use a thyroid collar in addition to the lead apron. We also have another diagnostic tool to detect decay without exposing you to radiation, using a high-intensity light source.
  • We will always do our very best to make sure you receive the best care possible, in an environment conducive to a safe, calm dental experience. We welcome your suggestions if you see an area we could make improvement.

In conclusion, we want you to know we recognize your time is very valuable. Our most important goal is to deliver a safe dental experience. We accept emergency appointments which will at times complicate our schedule. Please understand if you needed in on short notice for a dental emergency, we would most certainly extend the same courtesy to you. Your patience during such events is very much appreciated. Thank you again for visiting us today. We are excited to welcome you into our dental family!