Tooth Colored Fillings


Advancements in dental technology have produced materials that replace silver fillings used to fill cavities. These restorations are called composite fillings.

Composite fillings restore the tooth to its original color and shape. The composite material actually bonds to tooth making it stronger than the old amalgam (silver) fillings. A shade of your tooth is taken and the composite is then matched to it. The result is a tooth that looks beautiful and natural. The fillings are completed in one appointment.

While composite fillings are very attractive, this material is recommended for small fillings and areas of low stress. The larger fillings especially those in the back of the mouth may require a stronger restoration. These teeth are usually restored with a ceramic material that is bonded to the tooth as well. These ceramic “onlays” are used in back teeth when the tooth is at risk of fracture. New digital technology offers a substitute for crowns in many cases.

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These restorations are referred to as “Cerec Ceramic Restorations”. This technology is a wonderful advancement in restoring teeth. In most cases restorations are completed in one appointment.

Safe Amalgam Replacement

Replace those black fillings in the back of your mouth with more biocompatible tooth colored composite fillings. Esthetically more pleasing these restorations can also preserve more natural tooth structure and won’t develop metal sensitivity.

Direct Ceramic Fillings

Direct ceramic fillings produce beautiful, undetectable dental work. This mercury-free option bonds well to tooth structure and requires limited tooth preparation. Ceramic closely resembles the texture and appearance of teeth so that patients can enjoy a healthy looking, vibrant smile. Our dentist can place direct ceramic fillings in one office appointment, too.

Ceramic fillings are a durable and long-lasting treatment option that provide our health-conscious patients peace of mind and a beautiful smile.