What Technology Do You Use?

What Technology Do You Use? by Dallas, TX dentists Dr. Kozlow and Dr. Rowell

Video Transcript

What Technology Do You Use?

In our office we have the ability to do a crown in one day. So we actually use Cerec technology where we can take a digital impression and from that digital impression, we can make an all ceramic crown that can fit over that tooth. The technology makes it really easy for us to do conservative prep, and we can keep a whole lot of natural tooth structure which is important for your tooth. We try to keep you away from doing any type of root canal procedure, so we try to do a very conservative preparation. The margins of these crowns fit really well and they’re very biocompatible.

We also incorporate ozone in this practice. Ozone is 03. Oxygen is 02. The difference is ozone is so much more therapeutic when used correctly than just about anything. It kills bacteria, virus, fungus, parasites on contact. So we use ozone on just about everything we do. So that when we put on restorations, we put the fillings in the mouth, I can feel confident that we’re not trapping any bacteria down underneath those fillings or those restorations.

So at our office we practice safe radiographic protocol. We like to take as few radiographs as possible to help us diagnose the problems on the tooth. That’s why we have a new technology called Carivu. Carivu is a non-ionizing light source that helps us to see any decay that’s on the tooth. The Carivu helps us diagnose cavities. It helps us diagnose fractured teeth. It also helps us diagnose really small cavities that are just starting. That way we can help you to remineralize those cavities instead of having to do restorations and removing tooth structure. The Carivu has become a quick and painless diagnostic tool for our practice. So if you’re looking to find out if you have a cavity in a tooth without having radiographs taken, Carivu can be a great tool to help us see that.