Dental Bonding Dallas

Dental bonding is an alternative to veneers in many cases. This procedure is less expensive and is very esthetic.

Not all patients are candidates for bonding, but many are. Bonding can fill in gaps, change the color, shape and length of teeth. Decayed, chipped and cracked teeth can often be repaired with dental bonding. This process usually involves one to two visits. We will discuss discus with you, your desires for your smile make-over. Often when multiple teeth are involved we will create a wax-up which is a representation of what your smile will look like upon completion. Bonding will not last as long or be as strong as veneers or crowns but if well cared for, will look great for years.

A more conservative method to enhance your smile, this procedure is to fill in spaces, correct misshaped teeth, and lighten teeth. Tooth colored materials are applied to the teeth to create a more pleasing smile. While not as long lasting as veneers, bonding can last years with proper care.