Canker Sore Treatment

Canker sores, the common term for recurrent minor aphthous ulcers are frequently occurring types of mouth lesions. The symptoms can range from a minor annoyance to severely painful sores. Some patients experience so much discomfort they can not eat or drink.

Trauma to the area, some chemicals, stress and nutrition are factors thought to induce the canker sore.

The appearance of the canker sore is usually that of a whitish ulceration inside the mouth. They can be found on the cheek, tongue, gums or roof of the mouth. They usually last one to two weeks. A sore area that does not go away in two weeks should be checked by a dentist.

There are many “old wives tales” & home remedies for canker sores however I have found these do not work for most patients. However, there is an ointment we place on the ulcer and the symptoms disappear. Patients call it the “miracle drug”. If you are troubled by cold sores please call us today.