Our Technology

Technology is woven into every element of a dental practice, and the types of technology used in each office speak volumes about the providers’ approach to dental care. For example, at Kozlow and Rowell Dentistry, our technology supports our commitment to holistic dental care.

Specifically, we use certain tools, materials and treatment approaches not only to achieve optimal treatment outcomes but also to limit the patient’s exposure to potentially toxic or harmful substances to the greatest extent possible.

To learn more about the types of technology we use in our practice and how they can be beneficial in preventing oral diseases or in diagnosing and treating them, call our office and speak to one of our knowledgeable staff members.

How do dentists use technology?

Dentists may use technology for multiple elements of the treatment process, including:

  • Routine preventive care: Technology helps to make the process of cleaning teeth more efficient and effective, promoting patient comfort and oral health.
  • Diagnosis: Imaging techniques, some of which eliminate the need for radiation exposure, help dentists to identify early-stage oral diseases.
  • Treatment: Different technological tools can be used in various types of dental treatment, such as placing dental crowns or performing periodontal therapy.
  • Record-keeping: Secure electronic record-keeping systems protect patient’s private information while allowing for ease of transferring pertinent information to a different provider when a referral for specialized care is needed.

As you can see, technology somehow influences virtually every aspect of your dental care. Furthermore, the specific tools used in any particular practice speak to the approach of that provider.

Technology Used In Our Practice

While most, if not all, dentists rely on technology to some degree, the particular types used at Kozlow and Rowell Dentistry reflect our dedication to holistic care with minimal exposure to toxic materials. In our practice, you may encounter:

  • Ozone generator: A strong, natural, anti-bacterial agent used to eliminate disease-causing bacteria in cases of tooth decay, infection or gum disease
  • Cerec: Same-day dental crowns made of non-toxic ceramic materials and free of BPA and other problematic substances
  • Electric handpiece: A powerful tool for removing plaque and tartar more quickly and thoroughly
  • Carivu: Detects hidden cavities using transillumination (light) technology, reducing the need for x-rays and the radiation exposure associated with them
  • Digital x-rays: Require lower exposure to radiation when x-rays are necessary
  • Cone beam technology: Provides more information than conventional dental x-ray, allowing for more precise treatment planning.
Ozone machine

Why is the use of technology important?

The use of technology in dental care is important for a number of reasons.

Keep in mind that when a dental practice incorporates state-of-the-art technology, it demonstrates a commitment to staying updated on developments in the field. You can rest assured that you’re getting the most advanced care available.

Furthermore, technology can be used to help promote patient comfort during the procedure. Technology can help us provide treatment in a shorter timeframe and less invasive than with traditional techniques.

Of course, at Kozlow and Rowell Dentistry, we also use certain types of technology to provide the safest evaluation and treatment possible. It allows us to consider a whole-body approach to the well-being of our patients while protecting their oral health.


Why do I need ozone therapy at the dentist?

Ozone is a powerful antibacterial agent. Because most oral diseases – including cavities, abscesses and gum disease – are caused by oral bacteria, ozone can be a useful tool in eliminating any lingering bacteria in the vicinity before providing treatment, such as periodontal treatment or a composite filling. Ozone therapy offers a safe, gentle and non-toxic method to eradicate bacteria from the treatment area.

Are CEREC crowns as durable as a regular crown?

CEREC crowns are just as durable as traditional crowns, as long as the patient cares for them according to the instructions provided by the dentist. Not only do CEREC crowns last just as long as traditional dental crowns, but they also offer the ultimate convenience, allowing the patient to be fitted with a permanent crown in a single day. Furthermore, the ceramic materials used in CEREC crowns mimic the optical qualities of biological tooth enamel, giving these crowns a natural aesthetic.

What are the advantages of digital x rays vs traditional x rays?

Digital x-rays require much less radiation exposure for patients than traditional x-rays. While this is the primary benefit associated with this technology, digital x-rays also allow the dentist to manipulate the images to view them from different perspectives. The electronic files containing x-rays can also be easily transmitted to other specialists who may be involved in a patient’s care.

How can I minimize my exposure to toxic materials while maintaining my oral health?

From diagnostic tools to the materials used in treatment, the right technology can minimize toxicity associated with dental care. At Kozlow and Rowell Dentistry, we are diligent about using techniques and treatment methods that limit the use of potentially harmful treatments, such as fluoride, amalgam fillings, and excessive radiation exposure. We can also recommend products for home care that can help you to maintain a daily oral hygiene regimen that is as healthy and non-toxic as possible.