Safe Amalgam Removal

Some patients choose to have old amalgam (metal) fillings replaced to enhance the aesthetics of their smiles, while others choose to swap out amalgam for composite because they have concerns about the mercury that is often found in the amalgam. Still others may need to eliminate an amalgam filling that has been damaged or degraded.

Regardless of your motivation, when you do decide to have your amalgam fillings removed and replaced, it’s important to identify a practitioner who has experience in removing the amalgam safely.

Doctors Kozlow and Rowell, holistic dentists, consider the impact of dental care on the entire body, not just the oral cavity. For this reason, the vast majority of holistic dentists practice metal-free dentistry. As a result, he is keenly attuned to the potential effects that mercury can have throughout the body, and he has extensive experience and knowledge involving the techniques needed for safe amalgam removal. Many patients turn to us when they decide to have their old metal fillings replaced.

When you work with our doctors to have amalgam fillings removed and replaced, we will take precautions to minimize the patient’s exposure to any harmful metals that can be found in the amalgam. For example, we may use an oral aerosol evacuation system to limit the mercury vapor in the atmosphere of the treatment room. He may also take extra steps to keep the amalgam filling cool while it is being removed, as excessive heat may lead to an increased presence of mercury vapors.

Holistic dentists like Doctors Kozlow and Rowell can also make recommendations for metal-free materials to use in the replacement fillings. These metal-free materials also are generally tooth-colored, so they do not detract from the smile’s appearance as much as the silver metal ones do.

If you prefer to pursue metal-free fillings, whether to replace existing fillings or to restore teeth damaged by new cavities, discuss your treatment options our skilled dental team. Be sure to address any concerns you may have about safe amalgam removal with Doctor Kozlow or Rowell and ask questions about the materials that will be used in place of amalgam.