5 Benefits of Ceramic Dental Onlays

For patients suffering from damaged or decaying teeth, ceramic dental onlays provide an effective solution. An alternative to crowns, these ceramic onlays have a higher success rate of saving teeth, functioning as a long-lasting repair for damaged teeth. 

Essentially, the affected tooth is wrapped in ceramic onlays, which fit over the tooth, covering a large area of the tooth’s surface, acting like partial crowns. Maintaining the natural structure of the tooth, onlays have several advantages. 

If you’re considering ceramic dental onlays, here are five benefits of this treatment.

Protects the Tooth Photo by Joel Mott on Unsplash

Ceramic dental onlays are important in protecting the damaged tooth. The onlays are made to protect and preserve the tooth’s structure as much as possible by removing the damaged or decayed area and then restructuring it so that it’s supported. Adding the ceramic onlay helps to restore the tooth, bonding and strengthening it.

Prevents Decay 

Along with protecting the tooth, having these dental onlays also prevents the tooth from decaying. Occasionally, patients are more susceptible to tooth decay, so ceramic onlays can support the tooth and reduce the chances of decay happening again, avoiding dental work in the future. 

Dental Onlays Are Durable 

One of the most beneficial factors of ceramic dental onlay solutions is their durability. Thanks to the sturdy material, these types of onlays are made to last a long time, unlike crowns and fillings. No need to replace them; ceramic onlays can withstand all the necessities of life when it comes to chewing, eating, and talking. 

Natural Appearance 

Ceramic dental onlays are a popular choice because of their natural appearance. The ceramic material means the finished result is a set of natural-looking teeth. Onlays are created to match the color of the patient’s other teeth and are also made to resist stains. No one will know you have onlays at all!

Ceramic Dental Onlays Easy To Maintain 

Another benefit of onlays is that they’re easy to clean as you maintain a good hygiene routine. Patients can clean their teeth as they usually would, brushing twice daily and flossing regularly. In addition, the ceramic onlays create an adhesive that stops bacteria from reaching your teeth or gums. 

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