Cosmetic Dentistry: An Overview

Cosmetic dentistry is a term defined by dentists as a series of methods intended to improve a person’s smile. There are a variety of cosmetic treatments that restore a patient’s smile, boosting their confidence. Cosmetic treatments encourage them to live their lives to the fullest, without being held back by their oral health insecurities. Here… Continue reading Cosmetic Dentistry: An Overview

3 Reasons You Need a SMART Certified Dentist

SMART stands for the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique, a method used to safely remove amalgam fillings. Mercury fillings can be toxic for patients, causing neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s. Dentists who are trained in this method are said to be SMART certified. The International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology, a global network comprising dentists… Continue reading 3 Reasons You Need a SMART Certified Dentist

Holistic Dental Extractions: Explained

Holistic dentists have the patient’s best interest at heart. They recognize that oral health and the patient’s overall well-being are not exclusive. This is why holistic dentists focus on the whole body and its interaction with oral health when assisting with care and recommending treatments.  The same mindset applies to tooth extraction. For a holistic… Continue reading Holistic Dental Extractions: Explained

What to Expect from a Cosmetic Dental Consultation

Cosmetic dentistry is growing in popularity, with many patients choosing this treatment to improve the appearance of their teeth, gums, and jaw. These cosmetic improvements could involve changing the color, size, shape, or alignment of your teeth and gums, such as closing a gap, whitening teeth, or fixing a dental flaw. The most common cosmetic… Continue reading What to Expect from a Cosmetic Dental Consultation

5 Benefits of Ceramic Dental Onlays

For patients suffering from damaged or decaying teeth, ceramic dental onlays provide an effective solution. An alternative to crowns, these ceramic onlays have a higher success rate of saving teeth, functioning as a long-lasting repair for damaged teeth.  Essentially, the affected tooth is wrapped in ceramic onlays, which fit over the tooth, covering a large… Continue reading 5 Benefits of Ceramic Dental Onlays

How Dentures Can Improve Your Overall Health

For patients with missing teeth, dentures are the perfect solution. Dentures provide them with a fresh new smile. The natural appearance of dentures replaces gaps in the teeth, so patients can feel confident when they smile.  While this solution improves oral care, it also drastically improves a patient’s overall mental and physical health. Here are… Continue reading How Dentures Can Improve Your Overall Health

Financing Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Getting the beautiful, new smile that you desire takes planning. Still, taking the time to research your options, and working through the details with your cosmetic dentist will pay off in the long run. Together, you can determine which procedures are best for you, develop an effective treatment plan, and crunch the numbers to ensure… Continue reading Financing Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

Solutions for a Great Smile Today

What are your options when you want to spruce up your smile a little? Maybe you’re not interested in a total smile renovation, but you’d like to refresh your teeth and boost your appearance. Every year, millions of patients select tooth whitening as the treatment of choice when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. When you… Continue reading Solutions for a Great Smile Today

What causes dulling and discoloration of teeth?

A smile that is drab or unappealing due to stain or discoloration deserves a smile makeover. Your cosmetic dentist in Dallas has options that can give you a “wow” smile in as little as one hour. There are many reasons why teeth become dull or stained: Consumption of certain foods and beverages can stain teeth.… Continue reading What causes dulling and discoloration of teeth?

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