4 Reasons People Miss Dental Appointments and Why You Shouldn’t

4 Reasons People Miss Dental Appointments and Why You Shouldn’t

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Maintaining great dental health does not happen by accident. Daily dental care, the proper diet, seeing your dentist every six months for cleaning, and many other factors are critical to keeping your teeth and mouth healthy. A great smile, affordable dentistry, and keeping your teeth for your lifetime are some of things that should provide the motivation needed to make and keep regular dental appointments.

Some of the reasons people skip dental visits …

  1. I don’t have the time – A trip to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned takes about one hour. Two visits annually equals two hours per year which is a miniscule portion of time that could literally help you maintain great dental health.   
  2. I brush and floss every day so why isn’t that sufficient? – Congratulations on completing a great daily oral health regimen. However, even the most vigilant person is going to have some plaque build-up on their teeth. Those regular six month visits are needed to remove the plaque that has formed since your last visit; if not removed, plaque leads to possible dental decay and/or gum disease. 
  3. I’m afraid – Most people experience a little anxiety about going to the dentist. Fear of the unknown is fairly natural. For extremely anxious patients or those that can’t sit or recline for extended periods, there are various sedation methods available from nitrous oxide to oral sedation that allows patients access to needed dental care.
  4. I can’t afford a visit to the dentist – But in actuality by foregoing regular dental care, you may be doing the worst possible thing you can do when it comes to your pocketbook. Regular dental check-ups are part of a dental maintenance plan that hopefully will help you prevent a big expense down the road.

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Regular dental visits not only keep teeth looking their best, but promote great dental health. The cost for a check-up is minimal compared to what you may experience if neglect results in decay, broken teeth, or gum disease.

To supplement regular dental visits, your daily diet should be comprised primarily of fruits, vegetables, dairy, protein, and healthy grains. Limit sweet treats to special occasions. Drink water in lieu of soda and sugary beverages.

Maintaining good oral health will contribute to overall health. So schedule and keep regular dental office visits.