4 Unexpected Ways Your Teeth Can Get Chipped

4 Unexpected Ways Your Teeth Can Get Chipped

north Dallas family dentistDeveloping chipped and cracked teeth is distressing. Fortunately, some dental injuries can be prevented. While most people are leery of biting down on an olive pit because it might chip a tooth, dental injuries can occur in unexpected ways. Our family dentist treats chipped teeth with restorations like filings and dental crowns.
Following are four causes of chipped dentition that might surprise you.

Teeth-Weakening Food and Beverages

What you eat and drink can weaken your teeth. Common culprits behind weak teeth are sugary and acidic foods and beverages.
Sugar is a food source for oral bacteria, which then release acids as byproducts while they feed. Acidic foods and drinks, in general, strip away the mineral content of tooth enamel. Prolonged exposure to acid and sugar permanently weakens tooth enamel. Weakened enamel exposes the softer dentin structure of teeth, increasing the risks for dental injuries.

Chewing Ice and Inedible Objects

Crunching down on ice or chewing on inedible items like pen caps can lead to chipped teeth. While chewing on ice and inedible objects might seem harmless, the truth is that this nervous habit can chip and crack teeth. It’s best to avoid chewing on anything that isn’t food. If you’re tempted to chew ice, consider drinking your beverages through a straw to protect your teeth.

Biting Your Nails

Biting your nails can do a lot of damage to your oral health. The hard structure of nails paired with the force needed to break them with your teeth can crack and chip your teeth. Adding further insult to injury is the fact that the sharp edges of fingernails and the bacteria on hands can increase the risk for gingival infection.

Opening Packages with Your Teeth

Using your teeth might seem like a time-saving, no-hassle way to open packaging, but this destructive habit could easily chip a tooth. It’s best to take the time to reach for a pair of scissors to open packages. A few seconds saved is not worth the discomfort and cost of repairing precious dental structure.
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