5 Benefits of Ozone Dental Therapy

5 Benefits of Ozone Dental Therapy

At Kozlow and Rowell, we use ozone dental therapy to treat patients who are suffering from gum infections or to disinfect root canals and cold sores. Ozone is a form of oxygen and can be used in liquid form or gas to fight bacteria. It kills only the bad bacteria cells, virus particles, fungus and parasites. 

Ozone dental therapy is beneficial for oral health, so we’ve listed the 5 benefits of this treatment so you can learn more about it.

1. It Kills Bacteria

Ozone dental therapy brings balance back and neutralizes the mouth by removing harmful bacteria. It prevents bad bacteria from getting trapped in teeth, especially for patients with crowns or fillings.

It can also strengthen the enamel, additionally supporting the tooth. Ozone dental therapy has a long-lasting impact, so there is less chance of needing further expensive treatment. 

2. It’s a Natural Treatment

Ozone dental therapy is a holistic approach to getting rid of harmful bacteria. It avoids toxic side effects, so it’s safe for the patient and the dentist. In addition, this treatment benefits oral health and has advantages for the rest of your body, such as activating your immune system and enhancing your metabolism and blood circulation. 

3. It’s Not an Invasive Procedure 

While ozone dental therapy is a natural and effective treatment, it can also be reassuring for patients who struggle with dental anxiety. The treatment is not intrusive, which means it can help control plaque and prevent cavities while being pain-free and without the use of invasive equipment and tools. 

4. It Helps Gum Disease

Gum disease is a common oral health condition when too much plaque has built up and causes harmful bacteria. Ozone dental therapy can be used to balance out the bacteria that trigger gum disease and restore health to the gums. 

5. It Prevents Tooth Decay 

As we’ve mentioned, the primary job of ozone dental therapy is to kill off harmful bacteria. In addition, ozone dental therapy can help prevent tooth decay thanks to its antibacterial properties. So not only does it treat tooth decay, but it can also prevent it from returning. 

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