Are You Prepared for a Dental Emergency?

Are You Prepared for a Dental Emergency?

North Dallas dentistDental emergencies, such as the loss of a tooth or injuries to the face that chip or crack teeth, can be frightening and disconcerting. If you are prepared for such an emergency, you will be able to respond more quickly, providing a better chance for the injured person to experience a successful recovery. Our North Dallas dentist office is ready to respond to dental emergencies to help you recover quickly.

How to Stay Prepared

Most people keep a first aid kit ready in case of injuries, but few people consider how they might modify that kit to accommodate the special needs of dental emergencies. The best thing to do when a tooth is knocked out or damaged is to get to a dentist who offers emergency dentistry services as soon as possible, but there are things you can do on the site of the accident that will increase the likelihood that the dentist will be able to save a dislodged tooth or ensure a better overall outcome for the injury.

Some items that can be added to your first aid kit include:

  • Gauze to stop bleeding
  • A small container in which to store a dislodged tooth
  • Mouthwash
  • Toothpaste to fill in the space left behind by a lost filling
  • Anbesol to ease discomfort

If a tooth is completely knocked out, place it in a small container with water or milk until you can get to a dentist or an emergency room. This increases the chances that the tooth can be safely returned to the socket. If a tooth cuts through your lip or tongue, you should go to an emergency room for stitches or other treatment.

Causes of Dental Emergencies

The most common cause of dental emergencies is falling on the face. This injury occurs frequently among young children who have not yet quite learned to balance while they walk. Sports injuries also often affect the mouth and teeth. Wearing an appropriate helmet and mouthguard can reduce the occurrence and severity of sports-related dental injuries.