Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistry north DallasIf you suffer with dental anxiety, have trouble with restlessness, or dread visiting the dentist, sedation dentistry may significantly enhance your care. Sedation dentistry can involve taking prescription medication and/or inhaling nitrous oxide gas. Our team provides sedation dentistry to ensure that our guests are as comfortable as possible during visits to our practice.

Less Anxiety

Millions of people suffer with phobias of dental settings and treatment. Intense anxiety associated with dental visits can keep people from receiving the treatment they deserve. Sedation dentistry helps control these intense episodes of fear, worry, and panic.

Nitrous oxide is a drug-free form of sedation dentistry that can replace anxious thoughts and emotions with euphoric ones. Those with more intense anxiety might benefit from oral sedation, which involves taking prescription anti-anxiety medication about an hour before one’s appointment.

Build Positive Associations with Dental Treatment

Many people develop phobias of dental settings after a negative experience in their youth. Sedation dentistry will make your visit to your oral healthcare provider more pleasant by controlling feelings of intense fear. Over time, sedation dentistry can help patients replace negative experiences with more positive associations.

Faster Dental Work

Anxiety and restlessness can obstruct dental professionals. Sometimes, patients require numerous breaks in treatment to manage their emotions. Sedation dentistry controls anxiety so that fearful and restless patients have less difficulty tolerating dental care. This helps our team work faster and without interruption so that you can return to your normal activities.

Reduced Gag Reflex

Those with strong gag reflexes may have trouble tolerating dental tools and treatments. Oral sedation can help with this issue because prescription anti-anxiety medications are mild central nervous system depressants.

Improved Comfort

Nitrous oxide and oral sedation can increase the effectiveness of local anesthetics. Moreover, their relaxing effects assist with pain relief. Patients receiving more invasive procedures like tooth extractions may enjoy increased comfort when sedation is added to their treatment protocol.

If you’re wondering if sedation dentistry meets your needs, call our office to schedule a consultation with our dentist.