Am I still a candidate for Invisalign if I’ve already had braces?

Am I still a candidate for Invisalign if I’ve already had braces?

Invisalign North DallasUnfortunately a number of patients notice that their teeth shift over time, even after they’ve undergone extensive orthodontic treatment. When these patients want to restore a perfectly straight smile, they may be reluctant to spend several months wearing metal appliances on their teeth.

On the bright side, patients who have worn braces previously may be eligible for Invisalign, which moves the teeth with a series of clear, plastic trays rather than brackets and wires. The smile’s appearance doesn’t have to suffer again while the teeth are repositioned.

Patients who have not-so-fond recollections of forgoing their favorite foods during their first round of orthodontics also will be pleased to learn that Invisalign leaves everything on the menu. The trays can be removed at mealtime, so you can eat your normal diet. Of course, as always, you should still try to limit your intake of sweets to protect your oral health. 

Invisalign also offers more convenience for patients…

Similarly, you can use your typical oral hygiene techniques to brush and floss with the trays, too. You won’t have to finagle your way under wires and around brackets to minimize bacteria along your gumline and teeth.

Invisalign also offers more convenience for patients who want to limit their time in the dentist’s office during treatment. Rather than needing to make appointments every month (or more frequently) for adjustments to the appliances, the patient just needs to visit periodically to be monitored.
The patient switches out the trays on the schedule provided by the dentist. This generally happens every 2-3 weeks.

In exchange for that convenience, the patient does take more responsibility with this treatment system, however. Not only do you have to follow the prescribed schedule for changing trays, you also have to be sure to wear the trays for enough time each day–usually 20 to 22 hours– to achieve the desired effects in the projected timeframe.

While many patients who had previously received orthodontic treatment may be eligible for Invisalign, each case is different. Schedule an evaluation with our skilled dental team today to determine whether this system will help you achieve your treatment goals.