Can Children and Adolescents Get Gum Disease?

Can Children and Adolescents Get Gum Disease?


Gum disease occurs for a multitude of reasons … it does not discriminate for age. Inadequate daily hygiene, missed dental appointments, poor diet, genetics … the result can be very serious for both children and adolescents. When the periodontal condition is advanced, dental surgery may be required; if so, the patient will benefit greatly if the dentist employs laser dentistry.
Cause and effect coupled with treatment options can dictate the outcome of your child’s dental health.


Ineffective dental hygiene – Children rely on guidance for daily hygiene care. From six months to one year old, children should have their teeth wiped with a gentle cloth to remove as much dental debris as possible. Starting at twelve months of age, a soft bristle brush with a drop of age appropriate tooth paste should be started. Flossing should be introduced as soon as teeth are close enough together to be able to floss.
Lack of professional dental care – At one year of age, children should make their first visit to see the dentist. At this appointment, a dental exam is conducted. Early problems detected can be addressed. This is a perfect opportunity to educate parents on the best dental care for their child. Consistent dental visits are required to maintain dental health.
Poor diet – This is usually more evident in older children and teens. Too much sugar can do great harm to teeth and gum tissue.
Genetics – Obviously we want to pass along only the best genes to our children, but if mom or dad suffered with oral problems, the child might as well.


Gum disease – All age groups are susceptible to oral problems. Too much sugar can lead to decay; hormones can result in gum sores; genetics can mean discomfort and the need for thorough treatment.
Gum disease may start with infection or inflammation of the gums. Symptoms can include bleeding or swollen gum tissue. Chronic bad breath is common and gum recession can occur. If caught early enough, the patient may be able to reverse their gum condition with oral rinses and/or medication.
However, if deterioration has been on-going for some time, the patient may be faced with treatment such as root planing and scaling or surgery to save their teeth. Laser dentistry reduces blood loss and kills harmful bacteria.
Teeth can last a lifetime with great care and appropriate treatment when needed.
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