Choosing Mercury-Free Dental Work

Choosing Mercury-Free Dental Work

woman undergoing dental workIf you need treatment for a cavity, will you need to worry over how that treatment will affect your smile? Dental offices that rely on metal fillings that contain mercury can place restorations that stand out whenever you smile and speak. In addition to being conspicuous, these restorations can make you uneasy because of that inclusion of mercury and other potentially harmful substances. Our Dallas, TX dental office provides a commitment to holistic dentistry, which means we offer services that fully protect your well-being. One way we do this is by using safe and lifelike materials like ceramic and composite resin when placing restorations.

Mercury Can Be Distracting And An Oral Health Concern

Mercury fillings can look out of place next to your healthy tooth enamel. These restorations can also put your health at risk, making their long-term presence in your smile less than ideal. Of course, to treat a cavity, you need some kind of restoration in place, but does that have to be a restoration made with metal materials? We can offer an alternative. As a holistic dental practice, we use materials that are safe and surprisingly attractive, which means you can feel truly comfortable with how you look in the long term.

Using Safe Alternative Treatments For Fillings

Both composite and ceramic fillings are safe enough to remain in your mouth for the long term without concern. They are also appealing treatment options because they closely imitate healthy enamel, which means they will be hard to notice. While the composite material can be ideal for restoring teeth affected by smaller cavities, ceramic can offer remarkable durability and long-term protection.

We Can Also Replace Older Mercury Fillings!

Are you concerned about any mercury or amalgam metal fillings that you have already received? We provide their safe removal and replacement with materials that are dependably strong and lifelike as well! Based on the state of your tooth at the time of that removal, we can recommend either a composite or ceramic filling. In some cases, we may recommend a larger recommendation, such as a crown. If this is the case, we can take advantage of CEREC technology and have that crown ready to place on your tooth in just one appointment!

Talk To Your Dallas, TX Dentist About Mercury-Free Dental Work!

Through treatments that use safe materials like composite resin and ceramic, we take care of our patients’ smiles and their health when they visit us for care. Mercury-free dental work is just one of many ways in which we prioritize holistic dentistry, which means we take care to make oral health services better for your overall well-being! If you would like to find out more, please call our Dallas, TX dental office at 972-458-2464!