Dental Cleanings Keep Your Smile Strong

Dental Cleanings Keep Your Smile Strong

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When you have major plaque and tartar buildup on your smile, this could do more than just cause bad breath and make teeth stains more visible. You could be at a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease too! Our Dallas, TX holistic dental office provides a dental cleaning every six months to help protect your smile by removing all plaque and tartar buildup.

The Impact of Your Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Plaque is a bacterial byproduct that coats the teeth in sticky buildup. This could be caused by factors that allow food and drink particles to be consumed by harmful bacteria, such as improved brushing and flossing, infrequent professional cleanings, and a diet high in sugar and starch. Over time, the layers harden into tartar. The buildup, can make stains more visible and lead to halitosis. The same layers are also connected to weakened enamel and tooth decay, or inflamed gum tissues and gum disease. By removing them regularly, we help safeguard your smile against serious concerns, so you can smile with confidence.

Removing Harmful Layers

One way to remove the layers is with a dental cleaning. The process involves our team gently but thoroughly removing all plaque and tartar with an ultrasonic scaling device and a manual tool. The process takes only a short period and is helpful for patients of all ages, from kids to seniors. We then polish the teeth, which not only leaves them brighter, but also makes it more difficult for plaque and tartar to adhere to the surfaces of the smile. Following your visit, we can discuss better oral hygiene habits and routines to help limit how much plaque and tartar can adhere to the smile for your next professional cleaning. We recommend these visits every six months, or possibly every three to four if you have high risk factors for gum disease.

Fighting Buildup at Home

At home, you can help protect your smile by limiting how much sugar and starch are in your diet, as this deprives harmful oral bacteria of a meal. You should also take time to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes, or to floss every evening. These actions help safeguard your smile! Also, be sure you see us twice a year for a professional cleaning and an exam. If you have any questions about removing or controlling harmful buildup or about our cleanings, then contact our team today.

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