Dental Myth: All Teeth Whitening Options Are the Same

Dental Myth: All Teeth Whitening Options Are the Same

teeth whitening north DallasThe quest for the red carpet-worthy, megawatt smile leads some people to the supermarket or pharmacy for white strips and whitening toothpaste. While these products might make bold claims to lighten your teeth, there isn’t much than can be done to lighten deep, permanent stains without a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Why Whitening Toothpastes and Strips Fall Short

Over the counter (OTC) teeth whitening products might make promising claims but most of the time, they leave people disappointed. These products tend to contain harsh abrasives in their formulas, too, which can increase tooth sensitivity and permanently damage tooth enamel.
The reason OTC teeth whitening isn’t all it’s cracked up to be is the fact that their formulas are not potent enough to penetrate the area of teeth where deep stains originate. While OTC teeth whitening products might scrub away a couple shades of surface stains, it won’t address the dental imperfections that truly bother you.

Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

When it comes to achieving a significantly whiter smile, safely, it’s best to consult with a cosmetic dentist and receive a professional treatment. Here’s why:

  • Professional whitening systems can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades.
  • Our in-office whitening treatments achieve dramatic yet natural results in less than an hour.
  • In-office teeth whitening will not damage tooth enamel or soft oral tissue.
  • Professional whitening treatments will not cause permanent tooth sensitivity.

Zoom Teeth Whitening for a Beautiful Smile

Our practice uses a professional whitening system called Zoom. One treatment normally takes less than 60 minutes from start to finish.
This non-invasive treatment consists of applying protective gauze and liquid dam over soft oral tissue so that the prescription-grade lightening solution doesn’t irritate the gums or linings of cheeks and lips.

After the lightening solution is applied to the surfaces of teeth, a concentrated beam of light will be used to accelerate and deepen the whitening process. Our cosmetic dentist will use shade indicators to determine the effectiveness of treatment.

If you want to improve the appearance of your smile, call our office to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation.