Dental Myth: White Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

Dental Myth: White Teeth Are Healthy Teeth

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Some patients may believe that white teeth automatically are healthy ones, but that is not necessarily the case. White teeth may not be thriving, and teeth that are more yellow or otherwise discolored can still be quite robust. Here is the skinny on the things that do make a tooth healthy, regardless of its color.

Factors That Make A Tooth Healthy

The integrity of the enamel – that is, being free of decay – is the fundamental component of a healthy tooth. A perfectly white tooth can be still be riddled with cavities. The presence and effects of oral bacteria is the most important consideration for healthy teeth and gums.
Additionally, sufficient mineralization of the enamel is important. Fluoride and a nutritious diet can help to bolster this aspect of your dental health. Want more information about the structure of your teeth? Ask your dentist for some education on how teeth are “built.”

Steps You Can Take To Promote Your Oral Health

Do everything within your power to minimize the presence of the harmful oral bacteria that can attack your teeth and gums. First and foremost, you should be brushing your teeth twice each day and flossing daily. This is instrumental in maintaining strong, healthy teeth. Basic oral hygiene habits disrupt plaque accumulation, limiting the opportunity for oral bacteria to do damage.
A home oral hygiene routine alone is not sufficient to protect your oral health, however. You must also see your dentist at least twice each year for professional cleanings, which clear away any plaque or tartar that linger in areas of your smile that it’s tough to reach on your own. When your dentist examines your teeth every six months, it’s also easier to stay on top of any oral diseases that develop and get prompt treatment for them.
Don’t assume that just because your teeth are white, they are healthy (or that if they’re a little more yellow, they’re not). Maintain good oral hygiene practices and seek adequate routine professional care for the healthiest teeth possible, regardless of their color. Call our office to schedule an exam and cleaning if you are due for one.