What is the difference between mercury free and mercury safe?

What is the difference between mercury free and mercury safe?

mercury free dentistry DallasOur holistic dentist offers both mercury free and mercury safe dentistry. Mercury free means that our practice does not place restorations that contain mercury in its compounds. Amalgam was a common compound for restorations in the past that contains trace amounts of mercury. Instead of amalgam, our team places biocompatible restorations made from materials like composite resin and porcelain.
Mercury safe dentistry means that our team provides dental care to patients that might have old restorations that contain mercury. One way we maintain mercury safety is through safe amalgam removal practices. Restorations require replacement over time. When old amalgam fillings need replaced, our holistic dentist takes steps to ensure that patients and our team are not exposed to mercury vapors.

What does safe amalgam removal entail?

When old restorations have become worn down or are failing to protect teeth, they must be removed and replaced to preserve oral health. Sometimes patients want to replace their amalgam fillings – even if they are intact – with composite resin because of their concerns with mercury exposure.
In either case, our team utilizes mercury safe practices to ensure the wellbeing of our guests and our staff. Safe amalgam removal includes managing the output of heat caused by the dental drill. Our dentist might drill in short phases with breaks in between to prevent the amalgam from heating up and releasing potentially harmful vapors.
We also employ an evacuation system to catch any vapors before they are inhaled by our patients or staff.

What is composite resin and is it safe?

Composite resin is a biocompatible, mercury free alternative to amalgam that is used for restorations like fillings and cosmetic procedures like bonding.
It presents a number of benefits to patients beyond the fact that it doesn’t contain harsh metals. Since it is white and can be tinted, a composite resin restoration can beautifully match the color of adjacent teeth. In fact, these white fillings are virtually unnoticeable to others.
Since composite resin bonds well to teeth, less tooth removal is needed to place composite restorations.
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