Direct Ceramic Fillings

Direct Ceramic Fillings

mercury free dentistry PlanoTooth-colored fillings provide discreet, natural-looking dental work. They’re not composed of metal, which is great for patients who prefer mercury free dentistry. Our holistic dentist offers direct ceramic fillings to help preserve tooth structure for years to come. Ceramic fillings blend in perfectly with biological tooth structure for long-lasting protection against tooth decay that won’t affect the appearance of your smile.

Why Choose Metal-Free Dentistry

Metals were the most common restorative material in dentistry for decades. Before widespread use of ceramic and composite resin, amalgam was the go-to material for fillings. Amalgam is a mixture of metals and contains small amounts of mercury. Since mercury exposure can be toxic, holistic dental practitioners prefer to err on the side of caution and avoid metals whenever possible.

Fortunately, tooth-colored materials like composite resin and ceramic bond very well to tooth structure. In many cases, these biocompatible fillings can be placed with less tooth removal. Removing as little tooth structure as possible is ideal for preserving damaged teeth for a lifetime.

Ceramic makes for beautiful dental work because it looks and feels like natural tooth structure. This material is smooth to the touch and is available in a number of white shades. Unlike other materials, ceramic fillings are less likely to shrink, which helps protect damaged tooth structure in the long run. An additional benefit to choosing ceramic is the fact that our team can place these restorations in one, convenient office visit.

Safe Amalgam Removal

If you would like to replace old metal fillings, our team can help. We provide safe amalgam removal so that you can have your restorations replaced with healthier alternatives. When removing amalgam, we use special evacuation systems to trap mercury vapors. Since excessive heat can release mercury, we are also careful not to heat amalgam when using a dental drill.

Our mission is to provide excellent oral healthcare that promotes overall wellness. If you have questions about mercury free dentistry and ceramic fillings, call Kozlow & Rowell Dentistry to reserve a consultation with our holistic dentist.