Discomfort at the dentist is a thing of the past

Discomfort at the dentist is a thing of the past

Many people put off visiting their dentist for treatment, for fear of the discomfort they might experience. However, techniques such as sedation dentistry can help to sufficiently reduce the nervousness and ease the fears that many people associate with the dentist’s chair!

Sedation dentistry is mutually beneficial for both the patient and dentist. Through sedation techniques, the patient is aided in feeling calmer during treatment, while the dentist is better able to perform the treatment with less distraction.

Typically, the dentist uses some form of medication to help patients relax, and there are several types of sedation that a dentist can use to help the patient feel more at ease.

Sedation is most often used for patients who become anxious due to a low tolerance for pain, or who have difficulty remaining still while in the dentist’s chair. Patients who have very sensitive teeth, or possess a bad gagging reflex may also benefit from sedation.

For minor anxiety, the patient will often receive inhalation sedation, such as laughing gas, or anti-anxiety medication. For greater levels of anxiety, the patient may be placed under moderate sedation, where they feel drowsy but remain conscious.

Sedation dentistry helps to minimize anxiety and discomfort by causing the patient to feel more relaxed. When relaxed, the patient becomes less tense, and is less likely to fidget, and so will put up less resistance. For dentists, sedation dentistry often allows them to perform multiple treatments in one session.

Afterwards, the patient has little or no recollection of the treatment, while the concept of time spent in the dental chair is also greatly reduced; the patient will feel like they have been only minutes in the dentist’s chair, rather than the actual time taken.

In addition to sedation, the dentist may utilize dental laser technology which can also reduce discomfort.

Through the use of specialized laser equipment, the dentist is able to treat a range of dental issues, such as tooth decay or gum disease with greater precision and less scope for discomfort than the patient might otherwise experience through conventional drills and needles. Some procedures that can be performed by laser dentistry completely negate the requirement for anesthetic altogether, and can be performed painlessly by the dentist.

Now there’s no need to fear the dentist’s chair; with techniques available to relax the patient and reduce the level of anxiety and discomfort experienced, anyone can receive the dental care they need.

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