Don’t Let These Health Trends Harm Oral Health

Don’t Let These Health Trends Harm Oral Health

dentist Addison TXMost people want to take charge of their health – especially when it comes to dietary choices. Unfortunately, misinformation in traditional media and the Internet abounds. Many trends touted as healthy can have serious consequences that can affect your wellbeing and your oral health. Before you try the latest health craze, be sure to speak with your dentist and physician.
Following is helpful information on how popular trends can harm your teeth and gums.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Watch daytime television or peruse diet fads on the Internet and you might come across proponents of drinking apple cider vinegar. While apple cider vinegar can be a delicious cooking aid, it might not be worthy of drinking on a daily basis. Despite the fact that many claims regarding this elixir are unfounded, it can also harm your teeth.
Vinegar can erode tooth enamel. Tooth enamel erosion is permanent and increases your risks for cavities. Instead of drinking apple cider vinegar, increase your water intake.


Juicing might be a great way to increase your vegetable and fruit consumption. While it might be tempting to imbibe these nutrient-rich drinks, there are oral health concerns associated with them. Juiced fruits and vegetables, especially those that contain citrus, can be harmful to tooth enamel because they’re acidic.
If you do decide to juice, do so in moderation and consider drinking through a straw. A straw will help keep acidic and sugary liquids from coating your teeth.

Non-Dairy Milk

Nut-based and oat milk have great health benefits. Those who are lactose intolerant as well as those who are opposed to animal-derived milk enjoy non-dairy milk.
Many non-dairy types of milk are sweetened with sugar to mimic the taste of dairy milk. When purchasing nut-based and oat milks, be sure to choose unsweetened varieties to protect your teeth. It’s also important to choose non-dairy milks that are high in calcium as this mineral is important to dental and bone health.
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