Take the Edge Off With Sedation Dentistry

Take the Edge Off With Sedation Dentistry

Dallas sedation dentistrySome patients have an extreme fear of dentists and dental procedures, while others are just looking for a way to make the experience a more comfortable one. Patients in both of those groups will benefit from the various safe and effective sedation options available at our practice.

With sedation dentistry, patients reach a state of deep relaxation during procedures like dental implant placement. However, patients remain conscious, so they can still respond to the dentist’s requests and directions throughout the appointment. Additionally, the airway remains open under sedation, which is an advantage over general anesthesia.

The medications used to achieve this sedative effect can be delivered intravenously, with patients’ vital signs being carefully monitored for any signs of distress. Our staff has extensive training in these techniques, along with first aid and basic life support certifications.

We understand that some of our patients may be as skittish about needles as they are about a visit to the dentist, so we also offer nitrous oxide as an alternative method of sedation. With nitrous oxide, patients inhale the gaseous mixture through a nasal canula or hood rather than receiving medications through an IV.

Nitrous oxide sedation takes effect quickly, within a matter of minutes, and it can be readily adjusted to lighten or deepen sedation as needed. It can be administered for the exact amount of time required, and patients rebound from nitrous oxide sedation quickly in comparison to other methods.

Not only can sedation ease dental fears, but it can help patients tolerate lengthy procedures, such as those involved in a smile makeover or the placement of multiple dental implants. Hours pass by quickly for patients under sedation, so there’s no sense of the duration of time spent in the chair. Furthermore, sedation erases any recollection of the procedure after the fact, which means that patients don’t have to worry that a negative experience will further fuel their anxieties.

If you have significant dental anxiety or are facing a complex dental intervention, look into the benefits of sedation dentistry. Talk to our knowledgeable staff members serving Dallas to learn more about the various delivery methods available to you.