Enjoy a Healthier Smile with These Teeth Cleaning Tips

Enjoy a Healthier Smile with These Teeth Cleaning Tips

Maintaining clean, healthy teeth involves a little more effort than a quick swipe with your toothbrush twice a day and a visit to the dentist. Your ultimate goal is to enjoy a great smile coupled with healthy teeth and gums to last for your lifetime. This goal is achievable, but takes diligence and care.

Brush and Floss Daily 

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The correct brushing method involves using a soft bristle toothbrush, fluoridated toothpaste, and the proper technique. Patients that scrub teeth exerting unnecessary pressure in the belief that they are keeping their teeth clean may actually be doing more damage than good. The enamel covering designed to protect teeth is a very hard substance, but it is not invincible. Long term scrubbing can result in the wearing away of enamel and premature gum recession.
Use a soft bristle brush and an even circular motion cleaning the front, back, and top of a few teeth at a time. You should brush for two minutes twice a day … an electric toothbrush is the perfect tool for brushing. All you need to do is guide it to reach all surfaces; a timer will signal when you’ve brushed for two minutes.
Flossing daily will remove what your toothbrush missed. When done properly (your dentist will demonstrate for you) gum tissue is invigorated.
Visit the dentist every six months (or as recommended) for a thorough cleaning. Plaque that has formed since your previous visit will be removed; teeth are cleaned and polished to look their best. A dental exam will reveal any potential problems that can be remedied before they escalate.

Other Tips For Healthy Teeth

Start with a proper diet. While the occasional treat is allowed, your daily diet should be comprised of fruit, vegetables, dairy, proteins, and healthy grains. Soda (including diet soda) and sugary beverages can promote dental decay … drink water (you can add a sugar free additive or fruit for flavor variety), unsweetened coffee or tea.
Do not use tobacco in any form. Smokers are much more likely to develop gum disease and be faced with tooth loss.
Developing and following a daily oral care routine is your best avenue for the healthy teeth and gums that will allow you to speak properly, chew effectively, and smile with self confidence for your lifetime.