Experiencing Tooth Loss? Issues that Might Surprise You!

Experiencing Tooth Loss? Issues that Might Surprise You!

dental implants north DallasIf you’ve lost a tooth or two, you’ve likely felt a noticeable blow to your self-confidence and mood. The emotional toll that tooth loss takes is well known, but many people might be surprised to learn about the physical consequences of losing teeth. Tooth loss can wreck your oral health, which is why it’s important to pursue treatment options such as dental implants.

Lesser-Known Effects of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss has a number of side effects, many of which affect a person’s physical wellbeing. Losing teeth will significantly affect oral function, which can make eating meals and speaking clearly very difficult.

With diminished oral function, patients who’ve lost teeth tend to suffer from malnutrition because their diets are limited. Malnutrition can have a host of effects on a person’s energy levels, immunity, and quality of life.

In addition to increased risks for malnutrition, people can develop many oral health issues associated with tooth loss. One of the most problematic effects of tooth loss is bone deterioration. Bone atrophy after losing teeth occurs because the root of a tooth no longer stimulates the jaw. Without stimulation, the body will resorb bone mass.

When a person loses bone in the jaw, it can contribute to accelerated aging and occlusal issues. As the bite changes due to bone atrophy, it’s not uncommon for patients to develop facial pain and headaches. This is normally caused by extra stress placed on the joints that connect the lower jaws to the skull.

Losing just one or two teeth also increases a person’s risk for additional tooth loss. Teeth lend support to one another. When tooth sockets are empty, adjacent teeth may drift into empty sockets because they lack adequate support.

How Dental Implants Can Help

Dental implants provide a structurally complete replacement tooth. This means that implants prevent bone atrophy and greatly improve oral function. With dental implants, patients can enjoy lifelike replacement teeth that function like biological ones.

If you have questions about your tooth replacement options, call our office to schedule a consultation with our implant dentist.