General dentistry: An overview

General dentistry: An overview

Dallas DentistIn protecting your oral health. A general dentist is a versatile professional who is trained to perform a range of procedures necessary to address oral health concerns. Dentists treat patients of all age ranges, including children and older adults.

Most patients associate a dentist with their routine dental care, such as biannual exams and cleanings, and this is an important component of a general dental practice. In fact, these exams present dentists with an opportunity to diagnose conditions such as gum disease and begin treatment early, when it is most effective and least invasive. At your exam, your dentist also will look for signs of oral cancer, which might be difficult for patients to detect on their own. Professional dental cleanings, also known as oral prophylaxis, are essential for keeping the mouth healthy.

Beyond routine visits, general dentistry encompasses a wide variety of evaluations and treatments for different conditions. After identifying a cavity, for example, the dentist is capable of filling that cavity. Using techniques such as crowns and bridges, a dentist can restore teeth that are chipped, broken or even missing. A dentist may put a sealant on a tooth that is particularly decay-prone. Patients who are experiencing jaw pain due to TMJ can consult with a dentist to develop a self-care regimen to alleviate their symptoms.

Dentists provide care of a more cosmetic nature, as well. Many patients undergo teeth whitening at the dentist’s office. A dentist can even give you advice on how to stop smoking or using chewing tobacco to make sure those teeth stay white.

Even when you need more advanced care that is beyond the scope of the general dentist’s expertise, the dentist can refer you to a specialist who will meet your needs.

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